Although document destruction and paper shredding have become standard components of many Fort Lauderdale businesses, these same companies do not give the destruction and/or recycling of their computers and hard drives the same attention.  This could be due to the perceived difficulty in the hard drive destruction process itself; it is after all not simply a matter of tossing the old hard drive into the shredder.  There is probably a certain amount of nervousness regarding the disposal of hard drives; even those that have been professionally “wiped” can still contain sensitive personal and financial information which could compromise either the business or their clients.  Many people also do not realize that simply hitting the “delete” button will not erase the data from the hard drive. Degaussing (the magnetic destruction of hard drives) does not always work since many newer hard drives contain a powerful magnetic shielding; this process also cannot provide any real proof of destruction making it an unreliable alternative for most companies.  Perhaps Broward County businesses also do not comprehend precisely now many harmful chemicals and metals can be found inside a standard hard drive; most contain aluminum, mercury, copper, and many others that have the potential to contaminate drinking water and surrounding soils.

Hard Drive Destruction in Fort Lauderdale

The myth that the process for the destruction of hard drives is difficult is one that has been around for a long time and one that the destruction professionals at recordSHRED are committed to dispelling.  The reality is that hard drive destruction is a simple process that usually takes less than a minute (mere seconds, in many cases).  The technology used by the recordSHRED Hard Drive Destroyer applies 12,000 pounds of force and pressure that effectively neutralizes the hard drive by crushing it completely.  This guarantees that the platter will not be able to fit into another chassis, so information stored on it will never be able to be retrieved by any method.  The simple fact is that businesses are constantly in danger of cyber-theft and identity thieves have the ability to go to extraordinary lengths to obtain sensitive data.  Billions of dollars have been lost to the theft of data and financial information in the last few years.  It is the responsibility of businesses to protect the integrity of their client’s personal information.  An added incentive for Broward County businesses to adequately destroy their hard drives is that customers have successfully sued companies for the compromise of their information through old hard drives.

recordSHRED has destruction technicians available any time to address the hard drive destruction needs of the Fort Lauderdale and Broward County community.  Once hard drive obliteration is complete, clients are issued a Certificate of Destruction with a serial number.  For additional information on hard drive destruction services, as well as the many other offerings available at recordSHRED, please visit  Phones are answered 24 hours a day; to obtain a quote or to schedule hard drive destruction, call (954)523-936



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