Savvy Fort Lauderdale businesses have known for years that the shredding of paper is the most secure way of preventing sensitive valuable information from getting into the hands identity thieves, cyber criminals or dumpster divers.  In recent years however, many Broward County companies are discovering that one of the greatest benefits to paper shredding is that it helps save the environment.  Paper shredding has garnered its eco-friendly reputation by not only reducing the amount of paper being thrown away, but through the use of recycled paper in other applications.  It has become evident in recent years that “going green” is no longer just an option for businesses, but has become a necessity for all companies that produce and/or consume large quantities of paper on a regular basis.  Environmental concerns are a chief reason that local companies have turned to paper shredding services such as recordSHRED to take care of their needs.
Shredding companies such as recordSHRED recycle whatever paper has been shredded, which permits this excess garbage to be reused rather than wasting valuable space in a local landfill. Another eco-friendly byproduct of recycling the shredded paper is that it prevents further destruction of already devastated forest lands which are most often used to produce even greater quantities of paper in a vicious cycle of destruction.  Common uses for recycled paper include reuse as eco-friendly paper; this effectively reversing the “cycle of destruction.”  Shredded paper can also be salvaged and used as a packing material; it is considered to be a much better alternative than the traditional Styrofoam “peanut”, which can be harmful to the environment in and of itself.  Paper shredding also has its place in a variety of composting applications.  Composting will break down the paper using natural processes; this further benefits the environment in a variety of ways.  Broward County has encouraged the composting of paper for years, and Deerfield Beach recently sponsored Shredding Saturday to encourage locals to bring paper to be shredded for recycling and composting purposes.

Paper Shredding and Recycling in Broward County

recordSHRED has long recognized the need for paper recycling in the Fort Lauderdale and Broward County region and they have made a firm commitment to not only provide the fastest and highest quality paper shredding service in the area but also to honor the environment by encouraging the recycling of paper whenever possible.  The professionals at recordSHRED operate under the philosophy that ecological concerns are second only to the safety, security, and integrity of the client documents.  recordSHRED provides mobile shredding service in addition to paper shredding at their secure facility in Fort Lauderdale.  recordSHRED stands apart from competitors in its exemplary customer service, 24 hour availability, speed, convenience, competitive pricing, and excellent reputation within Broward County.  Anyone who may be considering paper shredding service and requires additional information regarding services available at recordSHRED is encouraged to visit their website at  Questions about the recycling of paper can be made by calling the office at (954)523-9366.
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