What do the following things have in common:  (a) a truckload of improperly labeled cosmetic packages; (b) a warehouse full of children’s toys containing too much of a toxic metal; and (c) a van full of old county uniforms?  They are all items that cannot be disposed of by ordinary means such as simply throwing them away for different reasons – ranging from federal regulations to environmental concerns.  According to Andrew Sokol, Founder and President of south Florida’s one of the most trusted data destruction service, recordSHRED, all of these items were candidates for his company product destruction service.  Many local businesses seem to operate under the assumption that a company primarily known for paper shredding offers limited services, but Sokol is quick to point out that recordSHRED is often called upon to service clients with unconventional destruction requests.

Product Destruction in Miami

A good example can be found in the shredding of the aforementioned county uniforms.  According to Sokol, the official capacity of the uniforms and equipment mandated that they be destroyed as completely as possible – although he informed client that the shredding machinery would only be able accomplish so much.  ”The material went through the shredder fine and rendered the fabric completely unusable and guaranteed that the uniforms could never be worn again, although it did not completely shred them per se,” states Sokol.  recordSHRED has also dealt with destruction of unused t-shirts, such as those used in expired promotions or damaged by printing errors.

Another misconception that Sokol would like to dispel is that shredding machinery is limited in the items that it can destroy.  ”Product destruction means just that,” he states proudly.  ”All of the equipment at recordSHRED is capable of product destruction.  They just need to be processed separately from regular documents since we recycle the paper.”  He further states that x-rays are another excellent example of an item for which recordSHRED often performs destruction services, but which cannot be combined with paper due to the high metal content of the traditional x-ray films.  The small amount of metal in Acco,  fasteners and paper clips does not prevent these items from being shredded along with the paper, however, which Sokol points out reduces the amount of sorting and preparation involved for shredding and destruction services.  The professionals at recordSHRED have also been called upon to destroy counterfeit or knock-off items, confidential product prototypes, and obsolete marketing materials all with highly satisfactory results.

recordSHRED has been serving the paper shredding, hard drive destruction, data shredding, and product destruction needs of Miami and Dade County since 2003, and Sokol is proud to boast that his company has achieved AAA-Certification from NAID (National Association for Information Destruction), which is considered by many to be the highest standard within the destruction industry.  Product destruction services are available through mobile shredding and pick-up service is available for larger items that can be destroyed within recordSHRED’s secure and access-restricted facility located in Fort Lauderdale.  Additional information on product destruction and the many other services available at recordSHRED, please call (305)229-0102 or visit http://recordshred.com/business-shredding/product-destruction/.


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